Consciously crafted luxury

We are committed to a sustainable vision in all aspects of our production, we use leathers with high sustainability ratings from Italian and Spanish tanneries which qualifies for the Gold Leather Working Group standard (LWG) an international organization that is an advocate for sustainable and conscious practices within the leather industry.

This means that they have been given the highest sustainability ratings in all aspects of their leather production, from traceability to chemical use and waste. We use leathers with metal- free components and recycled textiles.

Our artisans

All of our bags are made in a small industrial town in Alicante, Spain. The factory we work with meets all European standards in terms of salaries and working conditions. We know all of the artisans who make our bags and we visit regularly. We are proud to contribute to the preservation of skills and crafts that go back many generations. With our artisans, we want to establish a relationship based on trust, respect and honesty.

Phialebel longer life

Our products are made with the highest quality leathers and are true investment pieces. Sustainability for us means high quality, durable and long lasting items. In Phialebel we want to reduce the environmental impact, for that reason we offer one year of free service to repair and maintain your handbag as the first day.

We highly believe in extend life of products for a better world, the longer something lasts, the lesser the need there is to replace it.

Phialebel World of trees

To give back to nature we plant a tree for each product sold in partnership with Reforesty, an organization that fund the consciously planting of trees to restore ecosystems and livelihoods in the Spanish territory, using autochthonous species to respect the biodiversity of the areas planted.

As a community we want to involve our customers in the reforestation of local areas by attending to the reforestation events and plant trees and sharing their actions.

Our goal is to plant as many trees as possible, making and impact across the globe. educating and inspiring everyone on the importance of reconnecting and living in alignment with our natural environment.