Party handbags

Handmade, sustainable and timeless party bags

Phialebel is a brand created by two generations of women and for women. Our party bags are made following the philosophy of slow fashion, a sustainable and handmade vision of fashion that create unique pieces.

A local and artisan production

Opposite to the relocation of production practiced by other brands, Phialebel’s party bags are made by hand in Spain. To do this, we use sustainable materials and we experiment with textures and colors to offer increasingly innovative bags.

Prioritize quality over quantity

We prime quality over quantity, that’s why we have a timeless and reduced catalogue of party bags. This, together with the craftsmanship, makes them exclusive accessories.

Quality bags made with traceable materials 

The skins we use to create our party bags come mostly from Spain and Italy. These are metal-free and certified materials, a guarantee on the journey and the processes they go through.

Versatility of our party bags

From party bags of different sizes to beautiful designs in gold and silver finishes, Phialebels will accompany you on all your special occasions, making you the protagonist of unforgettable moments.