Essence of Phialebel handbags

At Phialebel, we believe in a fashion brand based on three pillars: craftsmanship, sustainability and design with timeless lines. Our handbags are proof of it.

With that philosophy, we manufacture handbags with innovative, quality and sustainable materials; we innovate thanks to a combination of textures and colors. All made with the passion and affection typical of artisan work.

A sustainable fashion concept

Creates our women's handbags in a sustainable way, from the origin of the materials to the manufacturing methods.

Traceability of materials

We use metal-free leathers, all certified, which allows us to know the origin of the material and the processes it follows until it becomes the final product.

Quality before quantity

Our catalog of handbags is reduced and timeless due to our concept to prime quality over quantity.

A local production Made in Spain

At Phialebel we support a local production of kilometer zero, giving a quality work to the Spanish Artisan Workshops which create our handbags.

Totally versatile handbags

For work, for a meal with friends, for special evenings... You will find a Phialebel handbag for any occasion, from the most casual to the most formal.