Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags that define you

We know that there are essential accessories which reflect your personality and declare your intentions. Shoulder bags are one of them and, at Phialebel, we create them with a philosophy that makes them totally exclusive.

Crafts and tradition

We have a true passion for handicraft as a way of creating unique pieces. For this reason, our shoulder bags are made by hand, as it was done decades ago, and feeling the materials we use.

Reduced catalogue and timeless bags

Craft production means having a shorter catalogue. We prioritize quality over quantity, respecting the production timing, and regardless of temporality.

Innovation of colours and textures

At Phialebel we experiment with the combination of textures and colors to create original shoulder bags.

Those combinations include metallic finishes, leather that emulates snakeskin, floral and leopard prints. All manufactured using sustainable row materials, free of metals.   

Model of sustainability

We define ourselves as a slow fashion brand. We believe in accessories that stay with you in perfect condition for many years, and this is achievable using high quality materials and manufacturing carefully.  

The versatility of our shoulder bags

As we mentioned before, a shoulder bag is an essential accessory on day-to-day. We offer you the perfect bag for each occasion.