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At Phialebel we hand select all of our materials, choosing them for their luxurious finishes and their top quality. Any exotic skin and leathers purchases will age over time, which is considered to be part of the materials’ natural charm. Atmospheric agents may cause damage. Exposure to rain and sunlight could possibly alter the nature of the skin. It is recommended to store your product away from sunlight in its box or dust bag when you are not using it. Exotic skins will develop their own personalities through the years. All of this is completely normal and is a characteristic of exotic skins.

To preserve its essence and natural beauty the following precautions of use are recommended:

  • Protect the fabrics and leathers from rain and avoid contact with water and moisture.
  • Avoid overexposure to direct sunlight, artificial light or sources of heat.
  • Keep fabrics and leathers away from oils, perfumes and cosmetics.
  • We recommend storing this item in a cool, dry place inside the protective bag designed for this purpose.
  •  Tinted fabrics and leathers can stain slightly, we recommend to be especially careful with the rub on garments.

Claims based on the above characteristics will not be considered, as it is not considered a flaw but part of the beauty and uniqueness of owning an exotic skin product. Your product is designed to be enjoyed for generations.