Tote bags

Slow fashion shopper bags

Phialebel is born from two different generations of women with passion for women's fashion. Our brand philosophy is slow fashion, a sustainable, artisanal and timeless production model with turns a shopper bag into a unique piece.

Artisan and local work

Our shopper bags are created by hand in small Artisan workshops within Spain. To do so, we use free-metal and sustainable origin leather which comes mainly from Spain and Italy.

Quality over Quantity

At Phialebel we love accessories which lasted for many years, and that’s is the reason why we prioritize the quality of our shopper bags over the quantity, and why we have a reduced catalogue. Less is more, and better.

Experiment with colors and textures

We are passionate about ongoing innovation, combination of materials, textures and colors to create original and unique shopper bags. Bags that you’ll like to carry, but also touch, feel and experience.

Versatile shopper bags

Due to their size, shopper bags are the most versatile out there. They allow us to carry accessories that we use every day. That’s why your Phialebel will become an essential bag for you.